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We are in the process of inventorying and cataloging our tubes.
We do not have a full list of our vacuum tubes available for display yet.
If you have tubes you are looking for, send us an email.
We will be happy to check our stocks and quote a price for you.

About Our Vacuum Tubes

We have over 100,000 vacuum tubes for sale, and our inventory is growing daily.

Our vacuum tubes come primarily from estate sales and closed TV and Radio repair shops. Most of the tubes have been in storage for decades, most for fourty to eighty years. Because of this, many of the boxes that the tubes were originally shipped in have long since deteriorated or are well worn and/or damaged from the many decades of storage and handling. A few have some water damage from leaky storage facilities. While the boxes of some of the tubes may no longer look new, relabled, or may be missing entirely, the tubes themselves are perfectly fine.

We catagorize our tubes under six general classes as follows:

We guarentee all our Used, NOS and NIB tubes. If the tube does not function as described, return it for a refund or replacement. Always email first before returning tubes to get an RMA. For obvious reasons, we cannot guarentee our Dud or Low Grade tubes. The Unknown tubes are treated on a case by case basis.

Because some tubes are rare, we may not have a replacement available. In the case of NIB or NOS tubes, we may have a Used tube available. Always contact us first for availability.

Due to the highly volatile nature of the tube business, all Prices are subject to change without notice.

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