MDB Ventures Master Vacuum Tube List

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This table is a list of all the tube types we are offering on this web site with links to the tube listings.

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MDB Ventures Master Vacuum Tube List (42256)
Tube Tube
0 00
01 01
01 0528
0A3 0A4
0B3 0C3
0C3 0C3
0D3 0D3
0D3 0Z4
10 1003
1005 1007
100-77 100-79
10-4D 10AL11
10BQ5 10C1
10CW5 10DX8
10EG7 10EW7
10F1 10GF7
10GK6 10GV8
10JT8 10KU8
10LB8 10LD11
10LE8 10T10
10Z10 115C2
115C2T 115N010
115N02 117L7
117M7 117N7
117P7 117Z4
117Z6 117Z6-G
11AF9 11AR11
11BM8 11BQ11
11BT11 11CA11
11CF11 11CH11
11DS5 11FY7
11HM7 11LQ8
11MS8 11TF2
12 1201
1203 1206
1218A 121B
12-1H 1229/932
1231 1232
1236 1273
1280 1294
12A5 12A6
12A7 12A7
12A8 12A8
12A8-G 12AB5
12AC10 12AC6
12AD6 12AD6/12GA6
12AE10 12AE6
12AE7 12AF3
12AF6 12AH7
12AJ6 12AJ7
12AL11 12AL5
12AL8 12AQ5
12AQ5 12AT6
12AT6 12AT7
12AT7 12AU4
12AU6 12AU7
12AV5 12AV6
12AV6 12AV7
12AW6 12AX4
12AX7 12AY7
12AZ7 12AZ7
12B6-G 12B7
12BA6 12BA7
12BD6 12BE6
12BF11 12BF6
12BH7 12BK5
12BK6 12BL6
12BR3 12BT6
12BU6 12BV11
12BV7 12BW4
12BY7 12BZ6
12BZ7 12C2T
12C5 12C8
12CA5 12CN5
12CR6 12CS6
12CT3 12CT8
12CU5 12CU6
12CX6 12D4
12DA6 12DB5
12DE8 12DK6
12DK7 12DL8
12DQ6 12DQ7
12DS7 12DT5
12DT8 12DU7
12DV7 12DV8
12DW8 12DY8
12DZ6 12DZ6/12EA6/12EK6
12E5 12EA6
12EC8 12ED5
12EG6 12EK6
12EL6 12EM6
12EN6 12EQ7
12EZ6 12F5
12F8 12FK
12FK6 12FM6
12FQ8 12FR8
12FV7 12FX5
12FX8 12GA6
12GB3 12G-B3
12GC6 12GE5
12GE5 12GN7
12GN7 12GN7/12HG7
12GT5 12GW6
12H6 12HE7
12HE7 12HG7
12HG7 12HG7
12HL7 12J5
12J7-G 12J8
12J8 12JN6
12JN8 12JQ6
12JT6 12K5
12K7 12K7-G
12K8 12L6
12L8 12MD8
12Q7 12Q7-G
12R5 12RK19
12S8 12SA7
12SA7-G 12SC7
12SF7 12SG7
12SH7 12SJ7
12SK7 12SL7
12SL7 12SN7
12SN7 12SN7
12SQ7 12SR7
12SW7 12SX7
12SY7 12T10
12TK2 12U7
12V6 12W6
12X4 12X4
12Z3 12Z3
13CM5 13FD7
13FM7 13GF7
13J10 13JZ8
13V10 13Z10
140R4 14A4
14A5 14A7
14AF7 14B6
14B8 14BL11
14BR11 14C7
14E6 14E7
14F7 14F8
14GT8 14H7
14J7 14JG8
14Q7 14R7
14S7 14W7
14X7 14Y4
15 15A6
15AF11 15BD11
15CW5 15DQ8
15E 15EW7
15FM7 15FY7
15HB6 15KY8
15LE8 15MF8
15MF8 15MX8
1603 1609
160-A 1611
1612 1613
1614 1616
1619 1619
1620 1622
1625 1626
1629 1631
1633 1634
1642 1644
1655 16A5
16A8 16A8
16AK9 16BQ11
16BX11 16GK6
16GY5 16KA6
16LU8 16Y9/PFL200
17 1702
17A8 17AB10
17AV5 17BB14
17BF11 17C5
17C9 17CT3
17CU5 17DQ6
17EW8 17GE5
17GJ5 17GT5
17GT5 17GV5
17GW6 17H3
17HB25 17JB6
17JF6 17JG6
17JM6 17JQ6
17JT6 17JZ8
17KV6 17KV6
17X10 1810
182B/482 1851
1852 1852
1853 185L8
18GB5 18GB5
18GV8 18RAL1
19 19
199 19BG6
19C8 19CL8
19EA8 19FX5
19HS6 19JN8
1A1 1A3
1A4 1A4
1A5 1A5-G
1A5-GT/1299/VT185 1A6
1A7 1A7
1A7-G 1AB6
1AD4 1AF4
1AF5 1AG4
1AG5 1AH4
1AJ4 1AJ5
1B23 1B4
1B40 1B5
1B5/25S 1B5/25S
1B59 1B7
1BG2 1C1
1C21 1C5
1C5-G 1C6
1C7-G 1C8
1CP31 1D1
1D5 1D5-GP
1D7-G 1D8
1D-K1 1D-K2
1DN5 1E5
1E5-G 1E7
1E7-G 1F1
1F4 1F5-G
1F6 1F7
1F7-G 1G1
1G4 1G4-G
1G5 1G5
1G5-G 1G6
1G6-G 1H4
1H4-G 1H5
1H5 1H5-G
1H6-G 1J5-G
1J6 1J6-G
1L4 1L6
1LA4 1LA6
1LB4 1LC5
1LC6 1LD5
1LG5 1LH4
1LN5 1N1008
1N1186 1N1202
1N1239 1N127
1N1323 1N149
1N23 1N3754
1N460 1N5
1N5 1N5
1N5525A 1N5-G
1N63 1N67
1N68 1N69
1N6-G 1P1
1P21 1P30
1P40 1P41
1P5 1P5
1P5-G 1Q5
1Q5-G 1Q6
1R4 1R5
1R5 1S4
1S5 1S5
1S6 1SA6
1T4 1T5
1U1 1U4
1U5 1U5
1U6 1V
1V 1V5
1W4 1Y1
1Z1 203
2050 2051
20LF6 2102
217 21EX6
21HB5 21HJ5
21JS6 21JS6/23JS6
21JS6/23JS6 21JV6
21JZ6 21KA6
21KQ6 21LG6
21LR8 21LU8
22 22
22 22
22-4 22JF6
22JF6/22JU6/22KM6 22JG6
22JR6 22JU6
22KM6 22KM6
22KV6 23-55-3
23D4 23JS6
23Z9 24
24 24
24 24
24 24
24 24BF11
24JE6 24JZ8
24LQ6 24LQ6/24JE6
24LQ6/24JE6 250R
25A6 25A6-G
25A6-G 25A7
25A7-G 25A7-G
25AC5 25AC5-G
25AC5-GT 25AV5
25AX4 25B5
25B6 25B6-G
25BK5 25C5
25C6-G 25CA5
25CD6 25CT3
25CU6 25DK4
25DN6 25DQ6
25E5 25EC6
25EH5 25HX5
25JZ8 25L6
25L6 25L6-G
25L6-G 25W4
25W4 25W6
25Y5 25Z5
25Z5 25Z5
25Z6 25Z6-G
26 26
26 26A7
26E6 26FZ6
26HU5 26LW6
26LX6 26LX6
26Z5 27
27 27
27 27
27 2708
28D7 29GK6
29KQ6 29LE6
2A4-G 2A5
2A5 2A6
2A7 2AP1
2B4 2B7
2BP1 2C21
2C22 2C33
2C34 2C39
2C40 2C43
2C43 2C46
2C50 2C51
2CW4 2DS4
2DV4 2DV4
2E22 2E24
2E26 2E26
2E30 2E35
2E4 2E41
2E5 2EG4
2G21 2G22
2HT4 2K25
2N050 2N118
2N1358 2N144
2N1485 2N2160
2N307 2N43
2N497 2NJ2-B
2SB474-X 2V3-G
2X2 2X2/879
2X2A 2Z2/G84
30 30
30 30
304TL 307
30A5 30AG11
30JZ6 30KD6
30MB6 30M-P27
30P12 30PL13
31 31
3-14 31AL10
31JS6 31JS6
31LQ6 31LR8
31LZ6 32
32 32
32 32
32 32ET5
32HQ7 32L7
33 33
33 3-38A
33GT7 33GY7
33JR6 33JV6
34 34
34 34
34 34DG5
34M 35
35 35
35 35/51
35/51 35/51
35A5 35C3
35C5 35DZ8
35EH5 35GL6
35HB8 35L6
35L6-G 35LR6
35W4 35Y4
35Z3 35Z4
35Z5 35Z5
35Z5-G 35Z6-G
36 36
36 36
36A02 36AM3
36KD6 36KD6/40KD6
36LW6 36LW6
36MC6 3-7
37 37
37 371
38 38
38078 38A3
38A3 38HE7
38HK7 39
39 39
39/44 39/44
396A 399B
3A4 3A5
3A8 3B2
3B22 3B22
3B24 3B25
3B26 3B28
3B28 3B29
3B4 3B5
3BN6 3C30
3C45 3C6/XXB
3CX100A5 3D6/1299
3DHH13 3DP1A
3E29 3E36
3E6 3FP7
3H-1-7 3HTF4
3LF4 3N35
3Q4 3Q5
3Q5-G 3S4
3TF11 3V4
3V4 400
4028A 403
40327 403A/403B/6AK5
404 404/5847
40407 4062A
407 407
408 409
40A1 40B2
40KD6 40KG6
40KG6 41
41 41
4116 4-125
4-125 415
416 417
42 42
4-250 425A
42EC4 42KN6
43 44
44 4422
446-A 45
45 45
45-4001-1 45Z3
45Z5 46
4604 4652
47 47
47 47
47 48
485 485
485 49
4A1 4AU6
4B32 4BC5/4CE5
4BC8 4BL8
4BN6 4BQ7/4BZ7
4BS8 4BU8
4BZ6 4CB6
4CF8 4CS6
4CX250 4CX350
4CY5 4DT6
4EH7 4EJ7
4ES8 4ES8
4GK5 4Gk5
4GM6 4GS7
4GS8 4GX7
4GZ5 4HA5
4HA7 4HC7
4HM6 4HM6
4HR8 4HS8
4HS8 4HT6
4HT6 4HTF4
4JC6 4JD6
4JD6 4JH6
4KE8 4KE8
4KF8 4KT6
4LU8 4MK8
4PR60 4X150
502A 50A5
50BM8 50C5
50C6-G 50DC4
50EH5 50FE5
50FK5 50GY7
50HC6 50HK6
50HN5 50JY6
50L6 50L6-MG
50X6 50Y6
50Y7 50Z7-G
50Z7-G 51
51 51
51 522AX
53 53HK7
548DX 55
55 5516
5581 5583
5591 56
56 56
56 56
5636 5642
5647 5654
5656 5663
5670 5672
5675 5676
5678 5679
5686 5687
5691 5692
5693 57
57 57
5702 5703
5719 573AX
5744 5749
5751 5760
5763 5784
5787 5794
5796 58
58 58
5814 5824
5824 5829
583 5839
5840 5844
5847 5854
5876A 5879
5881 / 6L6-WGB 5886
5894 5894
5895 5896
5897 5899
58HE7 59
5903 5910
5931/5U4 5932
5933 5946
5961 5962
5963 5963
5964 5965
5977 5998
5A6 5AM8
5AM8 5AN8
5AN8 5AS4
5AS4-A 5AS4-G
5AS8 5AS8
5AT8 5AT8
5AU4 5AV8
5AZ4 5B8
5BC3 5BE8
5BQ7 5BT8
5BT8 5BW8
5CG8 5CG8
5CL8 5CL8
5CQ8 5CQ8
5D22 5DH8
5DJ4 5EA8
5EA8 5ES8
5EU8 5EU8
5EW6 5EW6
5FG7 5FP7A
5FV8 5FV8
5GF7 5GH8
5GJ7 5GM6
5GS7 5GX6
5GX7 5HA20
5HA7 5HB7
5HG8 5HZ6
5J6 5JL6
5JW8 5KD8
5KE8 5KZ8
5LJ8 5MB8
5M-K9 5R4
5R4-WGB 5T4
5T8 5U4
5U4-G 5U4-G
5U4-GA 5U4-GB
5U4-GB 5U4-GB
5U4-GB/5AS4-A 5U4-GB/5AS4-A
5U8 5V3
5V3/5AU4 5V4
5V4-G 5V4-GA
5V6 5W4
5W4 5W4
5W4-G 5X3
5X4-G 5X4-G
5X8 5Y3
5Y3 5Y3
5Y3-G 5Y4
5Y4-G 5Y4-GA
5Z3 5Z3
5Z3 5Z3
5Z4 6/30L2
6004 6005
6006 6011
6012 6029
6045 6059
6060 6065
6080 6087
6088 6095
6095 6096
6098 6099
60FX5 6100
6101 6106
6-11 6111
6112 6-13
6130 6134
6135 6136
6137 6145
6146 6146
6146-B 615
6159 6159
6173 6189
6197 6-1H
6201 6202
6202 6203
6211 6216
6227 6252
6267 6293
6293 6336
6350 6360
6384 6386
6397 6-4
6414 6417
6418 6419
6476A 6485
6524 6660
6661 6662
6664 6669
6669 6677
6679 6680
6686 6688
6807 6829
6844A 6883
6883 6883
6888 6889
6893 6907
6922 6923
6939 6957
6973 6A3
6A4/LA 6A6
6A6 6A7
6A7 6A8
6A8 6A8-G
6AB4 6AB5
6AB7 6AB7
6AB8 6AB8
6AC10 6AC5-G
6AC5-GT 6AC7
6AD10 6AD7
6AD7-G 6AE5
6AE5 6AE5-G
6AE6 6AE6-G
6AE7 6AF11
6AF3 6AF5-G
6AF9 6AG11
6AG7 6AG7
6AG9 6AH4
6AH9 6AJ6
6AJ7 6AJ8
6AK10 6AK10
6AK4 6AK5
6AK6 6AK8
6AL11 6AL5
6AL7 6AM5
6AN4 6AN6
6AN8 6AQ4
6AQ5 6AQ5
6AQ7 6AQ8
6AQ8 6AR11
6AR11 6AR5
6AR6 6AR8
6AS11 6AS6
6AS7 6AT6
6AU4 6AU5
6AU6 6AU7
6AU8 6AV11
6AV5 6AV6
6AW8 6AX4
6AX5 6AX7
6AX8 6AX8/6KD8/6U8
6AZ8 6B10
6B5 6B6
6B6-G 6B7
6B7 6B8
6B8-G 6BA11
6BA6 6BA7
6BA7 6BA8
6BC7 6BD11
6BD4 6BD5
6BD7 6BE6
6BF11 6BF5
6BG6 6BG6
6BG7 6BH11
6BH6 6BH8
6BJ6 6BK4
6BK5 6BK7
6BK8 6BL6
6BL7 6BL8
6BM5 6BM5
6BM8/ECL82 6BN11
6BN8 6BQ5
6BQ5/EL84 6BQ6
6BQ6-G 6BQ7
6BQ7A/6BS8/6BZ7 6BQ7A/6BZ7
6BR5 6BR7
6BS8 6BV11
6BV8 6BW11
6BW4 6BW8
6BX6 6BX7
6BY11 6BY5
6BY5 6BY5-G
6BY7 6BZ6
6BZ6/6EW6 6BZ6/6JH6
6BZ7 6C030T
6C4 6C45K
6C5 6C5-G
6C5-MG 6C6
6C6 6C6
6C6 6C7
6C9 6CA4
6CA5 6CA7 / EL34
6CB6 6CD6
6CD6 6CF
6CF6 6CG7
6CG8 6CH6
6CJ5 6CK4
6CK5 6CL6
6CL8 6CM6
6CM7 6CQ6
6CT3 6CT7
6CU5 6CU6
6CU7 6CV7
6CW4 6CW5
6CW7 6CX8
6CX8 6CY5
6CZ5 6D10
6D4 6D6
6D6 6D6
6D7 6D8
6D8-G 6DA6
6DA6 6DB5
6DB6 6DC8
6DE7 6DG6
6DJ8 6DL4
6DL5 6DN6
6DQ5 6DQ6
6DS4 6DS5
6DS8 6DT5
6DT8 6DT8
6DV4 6DW4
6DW5 6DX8
6DZ7 6E5
6E6 6E7
6EA5 6EA8
6EB8 6EB8
6EC4 6EH4
6EH5 6EH7
6EJ4 6EJ7
6EL4 6EM5
6EN4 6EQ7
6ER5 6ET7
6EU7 6EU8
6EV5 6EV7
6EW6 6EW7
6EX6 6EY6
6EZ5 6EZ8
6EZ8 6F14
6F23 6F33
6F40 6F5
6F5 6F5-G
6F6 6F6
6F6-G 6F6-GT
6F6-M 6F7
6F7 6FA7
6FD6 6FE5
6FG6 6FH8
6FJ7 6FM7
6FQ5 6FQ7
6FQ7/6CG7 6FT4
6FW5 6FY5
6FY7 6G11
6G5 6G6
6G6-G 6GB5
6GB5 6GB7
6GC5 6GE5
6GE8 6GE8/7734
6GE8-6G11-Adapter 6GF5
6GF7 6GH8
6GJ5 6GJ5
6GK5 6GK6
6GK6 6GL7
6GM5 6GM8
6GM8 6GN8
6GN8 6GT5
6GU7 6GV5
6GV5/6GY5 6GW6
6GW8/ECL86 6GX7
6GX8 6GY5
6GY8 6GZ5
6H4-GT 6H6
6H6-G 6HA6
6HB5 6HB6
6HC8 6HE5
6HE5 6HE5/6JB5/6JC5
6HE5/6JB5/6JC5 6HF5
6HF8 6HG5
6HG5 6HG8
6HG8 6HJ5
6HJ5 6HR5
6HS5 6HS5/6HV5
6HU6 6HU8
6HV5 6HV5/6HS5/6HZ5
6HZ5 6HZ8
6J10 6J11
6J5 6J5-G
6J6 6J7
6J7-G 6J8
6J8-G 6JA5
6JB5 6JB5
6JB6 6JB6/6KM6/6JU6
6JC5 6JC5
6JD5 6JE6
6JE8 6JF6
6JF6 6JF6/6JU6/6KM6
6JH5 6JH5
6JH5/6JD5/6HZ5 6JH6
6JK5 6JM6
6JM6 6JN6
6JN6 6JN8
6JQ6 6JR6
6JR6/6JG6/6KV6/6JT6 6JS6
6JT6 6JT8
6JU6 6JW8
6JZ6 6JZ8
6JZ8 6K11
6K11/6Q11 6K4
6K5 6K5-G
6K6 6K6
6K7 6K7-G
6K7-MG 6K8
6K8-G 6KD6
6KD8 6KE8
6KE8 6KG6
6KG6 6KM6
6KM6 6KN6
6KN8 6KR8
6KT8 6KU8
6KV6 6KY8
6L5-G 6L6-G
6L6-GA 6L6-GB
6L6-GC 6L6-M
6L7 6L7-G
6L7-MG 6LB6
6LB8 6LD20
6LD6 6LE8
6LF6 6LF6/6MH6
6LF8 6LH6
6LJ6 6LN8
6LQ6 6LQ6/6JE6/6MJ6
6LQ8 6LR6
6LU8 6LU8
6LW6 6LX6
6LX6 6LY8
6M11 6MA6
6MD8 6M-E10
6ME6 6MF8
6MH6 6MH6
6MJ6 6MJ8
6ML8 6ML8
6MN8 6N015
6N020 6N030
6N05T 6N090
6N5 6N6
6N6-G 6N7
6N7 6N7-G
6N7-GT 6N8
6P25 6P5
6P5-G 6P7-G
6Q11 6Q5-G
6Q6-G 6Q7
6Q7-G 6R4
6R7 6R7-G
6R8 6R-HP2
6RP22 6R-P22
6S4 6S7
6S7-G 6S8
6SA7 6SC7
6SD7 6SF5
6SF7 6SG7
6SH7 6SJ7
6SK7 6SL7
6SN7 6SN7
6SN7 6SQ7
6SR7 6SS7
6ST7 6SU7
6SV7 6SZ7
6T10 6T4F
6T7-G 6TF7
6U10 6U4
6U5 6U6
6U7-G 6U8
6U8/6KD8 6U9
6V3 6V6
6V6 6V7-G
6W3-G 6W4
6W5-G 6W6
6X4 6X4
6X5 6X5
6X5-G 6X5-GT
6X9 6Y5
6Y6 6Y6
6Y6-G 6Y6-G
6Y6-GA 6Y6-GA
6Y6-GT 6Y6-GT
6Y7-G 6Y9/EFL200
6Z10 6Z3
6Z5 6Z7-G
6Z-P1 6ZY5-G
7025 7027A
703 7036
705 7054
7056 7058
7059 7060
7061 7061
7077 708A
70L7 71
71 71
71 7117
715 715
7163 7167
717A 7193
7212 7212
7233 725
7258 7289
7289 7308
7355 7370
7408 75
75 7548
7551 7554
7558 7586
76 7695
7699 7699
77 77
7701 7716
7720-C 7734
78 78
7868 7895
7898 79
7901 7905
7984 7A4
7A5 7A6
7A7 7A8
7AD7 7AG7
7AH7 7AK7
7B4 7B5
7B6 7B7
7B8 7C4
7C5 7C6
7C7 7E5
7E6 7E7
7F7 7F8
7G7 7G8
7GV7 7H-11
7H-12 7H4
7H-4B 7H7
7J7 7K7
7L7 7N7
7Q7 7R7
7S7 7T7
7TK3 7V7
7W7 7X6
7X7 7Y4
7Z4 80
80 80
80 80
8000 8013
8013 802
802 8020
8025 803
8032 8032
804 804
8042 8047
805 8058
807 807w
81 81
81 810
8106 811
8111 8117
812 813
814 814
8156 8203
8233 8250
8252 8255
826 8275
828 828
829 8298
8298 8298-A
830 832
834 836
836 837
837 838
83V 83-V
84 84/6Z4
84/6Z4 84/6Z4
8425 843
8458 8462
8463 8489
848R48 85
85 8552
8552 8560
868 874
874 884
884 885
89 89
8AC10 8AC9
8AL9 8AV11
8B10 8B8
8BA11 8BM11
8BN11 8BQ5
8CB11 8CG7
8CG7/8FQ7 8CW5
8EM5 8EM5
8FQ7 8GU7
8H-8H-3 8U9
8X9 9004
917 918
92*105-A 921
922 923
927 930
931 935
9-4A 950
951/1B4 954
955 956
957 958
97S 9AH9
9AK10 9AM10
9AQ8 9BJ11
9GV8 9MN8
ATP4 B-16851453
B1919 B2262
B7971 BA5406
Ballast BH
Burroughs-Parts BUZ15
C4S Capacitors
Carbon-Rods CE-23
CE-25 CE-4
Chronotron CK512AX
CK708 CK708/1N68
CK713 CK715
CL904L CRP38077
CRP-38266 CV136
CV1376 CV138
CV140 CV1635
CV1981 CV2007
CV2010 CV2015
CV2031 CV2127
CV2135 CV2136
CV2194 CV2241
CV2271 CV2459
CV2460 CV4006
CV4014 CV4015
CV4055 CV5060
CV5858 CW-38412
CWL-38268 D171584
D-178461 D6TK7
DAF96 DF96
DF97 DH3-91
DL98 DM71
E180F E81L
E88C E88CC
EC81 EC88
EC90 EC91
EC92 EC97
ECC88 ECF200
ECF201 ECF80
ECF802 ECF82
ECF86 ECG110
ECG-123A ECG-127
ECG-6402 ECH42
EF183 EF184
EF37A EF40
EF41 EF80
EF80 EF804
EF83 EF85
EF85 EF86
EF89 EF89
EF91 EF92
EF93 EF94
EF94 EF95
EK90 EL41
EL821 EL822
EL91 EL91
Electro-Voice EM71
EM80 EM84
EM87 ET-2
ET-600 EY86
EZ81 EZ90
FG-17 FG81
Floppy-Disks G127
G2S G-46A1
G5-C-10 GC10B/S
HCH81 HEP-158
HF-175 HF-200
HF93 HK90
H-Pad-52-A HS
HY-61 HY-65
HY-75 IRF120
K1235P7 K80B
KL-75 KM424C257Z-8
KS-19699-L4 LCF80
LCL84 LM675
M8142 M8161
M8162 MA4503
MA4504 misc
MJE371 MountSocket
mystery NL-618
NSL-314 Ornaments
P61 PCC85
PCF200 PCF201
PCF80 PCF805
PF86 PJ-23
PL36 PL82
PL83 PL95
Punch-Tape PY81
QQV03-10 QS1222/1400
QS1222/800 R1130B
Razors RE75
Relays RF-40
RK-20 RK-34
RK-72 RK72
RKR73 RO-160
Roll-Paper (teletype/calculator) RS2018
RS391 RSA0021
RX233 SK3536
SK-60 SR503D - red led
T2573 T3210-31
TE-2 Textool
TH-41 TJ601K01
TJ801K-1 TM-06
Type-A Type-B
UF89 UX-199
UX-216 UY85
UY85 VR105
VR105 VR150
VR150 VR150
VR75 VR90
VT-100A VT-101
VT-104 VT105
VT-105 VT-107
VT-107 VT-109
VT-112 VT-116
VT-119 VT-120
VT-121 VT-124
VT-125 VT126
VT-129 VT-132
VT-133 VT-134
VT-135 VT-136
VT-137 VT138
VT-139 VT-139
VT-139 VT-144
VT-145 VT-145
VT-145 VT-146
VT-147 VT-148
VT-150 VT-151
VT-153 VT-161
VT-162 VT-166
VT-167 VT-169
VT-171 VT-172
VT-173 VT-174
VT-176 VT-177
VT-178 VT-179
VT-183 VT-184
VT-185 VT-188
VT-189 VT-190
VT-192 VT-193
VT-195 VT-199
VT-200 VT-200
VT-200 VT-205
VT-207 VT-209
VT-210 VT-211
VT-212 VT-214
VT-215 VT-221
VT222 VT-223
VT-229 VT-231
VT-231 VT-233
VT-236 VT-237
VT-238 VT-241
VT-243 VT-245
VT-247 VT-247
VT-260 VT-264
VT-266 VT-268
VT-269 VT-27
VT-288 VT-289
VT-33 VT-36
VT-37 VT-38
VT-44 VT-48
VT-48 VT-54
VT-65 VT-68
VT-69 VT-69
VT-69 VT-70
VT-73 VT-74
VT-75 VT-76
VT-77 VT-77
VT-80 VT-80
VT-86 VT-87
VT-88 VT-90
VT-91 VT-92
VT-93 VT-94
VU11 VU120
VU134 VU1D
WE-310A WE701
WL-532 X-155
X-6090 XCC189
XXL YL1000
YL1130 Z2300

Note: You may see duplicate links for some tubes. This means that there are several areas where those tubes can be found. Click on each of the links to find all of the referenced tubes.

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Shipping and Handling Information

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Don't see what you need? Contact us. We have many more tubes that are not yet listed. We also have new and good used tubes in most other numbers including preoctal, globe/balloon, octal, loctal, miniature, subminature, Nuvistor, metal, power, transmitter tubes and many more.

Due to the highly volatile nature of the tube business, all Prices are subject to change without notice.

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