Title: Starter Tube Collection
Item: [STARTER-COL] $5.00

Starter vacuum tube collection

Title: Starer Tube Collection
Item: [STARTER-COL] $5.00

Condition: used

Here is a box of tubes to start your tube collection.

These tubes are from an estate sale. They were someone's tube collection.

The collection includes the following 23 tubes.
RCA 1624 eye tube
Western Electric 121B ballast
Westinghouse 1H5G tube
Coronado 1P5G tube
Hytron unknown tube (note says 6R7G mark on tube does not match internals)
Philco 1N5G tube
Sylvania 83V tube
Western Electric 333A tube
unknown 6GK6 tube
unknown Tektronix tube
Raytheon 6C8G tube
Hytron 6004 tube (note one ear missing, other broken)
Amperite 3-14 ballast tube
Amperite 9-20 ballast tube
GE 2C39 tube
RCA/Marconi 829 tube
Raytheon 826 tube
Electronics Inc 3B22 / EC1C tube
Taylor TUF-20 tube
RCA 829B tube
Taylor 2C50 tube
RCA 3E29 tube

These tubes are for display only. They are functionally defective.
Most have no output or a broken heater.
(This does not detract from being used as a display.)

The tubes come in a box 10x10x10 inches.
shipping weight is 4 pounds.

How To Order:

Purchasing the collector tube set is easy.
Just send us an email indicating the tubes you want.
We will let you know the total price including shipping and handling.

Shipping and Handling Information

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Due to the highly volatile nature of the tube business, all Prices are subject to change without notice.

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