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Title: Six Ace Double Books
Item: [ACE-DBL2] $5.00

Ace Double Books Ace Double Books

Title: Six-DBL2] $5.00

Six used Ace Double paperback books. They are in fair to good condition.
Some minor scuffs, creases and small tears (your basic used paperback). See pictures.

At one time Ace Publishing produced books with two novels in each book.
You got two books for the price of one.
So here are twelve SF novels being offered here for less than 50 cents each!

Fall of The Dream Machine : Dean R. Koontz
The Proxima Project : John Rackham
Message From The Eocene : Margaret St. Clair
The Winds of Darkover : Marion Zimmer Bradley
The World Swapers : John Brunner
The Ship From Atlantis : H. Warner Munn

The Star Venturers : Kenneth Bulmer
Target Terra : Laurence M. Janifer and S.J. Treibich
Three Worlds of Futurity : Margret St. Clair
The Anything Tree : Jahn Rackham
Siege Of The Unseen : A.E. Van Vogt
The Stolen Sun : EMil Petaja

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