Used Glass Sealed Capacitors

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Title: Used Glass Sealed Capacitors
Item: [CAP50-1] $0.50

Glass Sealed Capacitors

Title: Four Used Glass Sealed Capacitors
Item: [CAP50-1] $0.50

Condition: used

Four Used Glass Sealed Capacitors (#CAP50-1)

Here are four used glass sealed capacitors.
These are similar (same construction) to the Sprague Vitamin Q capacitors.
One of the capacitors is actually NOS, but the identificatin was worn off.
The value noted on the part was the measured value of the capacitor.
The values are 0.056uF at 600VDC, 0.47uF at 400VDC, 0.1uF at 600VDC and 0.78uF at 400VDC (see picture).
This item is sold as is (no return).

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