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Our Bargain Bin Unpopular tubes are rated by appearence only. They are rated as either New, or Used. If they look to be new, they are rated as new. If they look to be used, they are rated as used. This rating is done purely as a judgement call by our tube sorters. The tubes listed have NOT been tested. An outline of how the determination is described below.

How we rate our Bargain Bin tubes:

Most tubes have been in storage for many decades. Because of this, the boxes are often dirty, worn or damaged. Most of our tubes come from, estate sales and closed TV/Radio repair shops. Our experience has been that almost all of the tubes test good, even the used ones. Defective tubes were usually thrown away by the shops since they were not usable.

Our method of determination of NEW or USED for our Bargain Bin Unpopular tubes:

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