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MDB Ventures is a locally owned and operated company based in the northwestern Oregon area, initially formed to accumulate estate derived materials, researching and preparing them for Internet auction and on-line sales.

MDB has no retail store or visitor accessible warehouse, preferring to maintain various private storage and technical facilities and concentrate solely on Internet sales. Our inventory currently includes well over 100,000 items, mostly antique or vintage collectible items.

Because of their backgrounds, the MDB founders began with a heavy concentration in vintage electronics, recordings and books, but inventoried items also include more recently used products in good condition such as computer peripherals, software, voice processing equipment, etc. We also have reseller licenses for a number of new product lines, but for now focus on antiques while building experience and reputation in the Internet auction venue and on-line sales.

Our intention is to honestly resell products in a forthright and businesslike manner to customers who value these attributes.

If you would like to be notified by email of our current auctions and listings on a regular basis, please email your request to
sales@mdbventures.com .

Your contact information will not be shared outside our company. You can discontinue the service at any time by the same means.

Thank you for being an MDB Ventures customer.

We look forward to bringing you great service again and again.

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